'Great things are done by a series of small things brought together'


Looking for a unique piece of art? 

Hand crafted mosaics are one of the world's oldest art forms. Durability and versatility are what defines them. Building on these characteristics Ben Craven Mosaics brings to his work a wealth of experience and insight built up over two decades. The commissioning process is straightforward and will lead to a unique and beautiful mosaic with all budgets in mind.


Once Ben is contacted via email, social media or phone call he will arrange a meeting to understand your requirements and budget. Whether it is an architectural mosaic, fine art piece, portraiture or outside project, Ben will give his insight and considerations in regards to the intended commission.

Design and Pricing

Ben will work on the design taking into account the use, location and clients desires. He will then make measurements, decide on the complexity of the design and the materials and calculate the total project cost and payment schedule. Ben can then begin or schedule the project into his diary.

Creation and Installation

Ben will keep in contact with his clients as the project progresses. He will send photos and welcome those who are able to visit his studio to see how the mosaic is coming along -if they would like to. Installation will commence at an agreed time. 

Golden Lilies, William Morris, Glass
Errico, Italian Farmer Portrait Series
Jaguar, Ceramic
Femme Neu

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